Urea 46%

Nitrogen (Nitrogen) is one of the most important nutrient requirements for plants and common types of chemical fertilizers . Farmers use N fertilizers to accelerate the growth and increase the yield of their agricultural products. The main common types of nitrogen fertilizers are urea fertilizer, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate. Nitrogen can be found in many different forms and from a number of sources as listed in Table. Among these sources urea tends to be the dominant nitrogen fertilizer used in agriculture.

Difference in Urea Granule and Prill

Compared to the granular and urea fertilizer, we must say that N content of both is in the same range. Prill fertilizer is usually softer than granola. Usually the size of pearl is between 1 up to 2/4 mm but Granule is between 2 up to 4 mm. Some farmers prefer granules because they are gradually absorbed, and others think prill is better for faster absorption. It may seem strange, but based on the experience of Tradeinfact Group  sometimes these two kinds of psychological aspects are chosen, and in some areas they prefer one to another.