LH0075 is a high molecular weight low density polyethylene film grade combining good
flexible extrusion behavior and superior mechanical properties. Film made from
LH0075 exhibits high dart impact combined with excellent yield and tensile strength and high
stiffness. It can be processed on automatic machines. It possesses good dimensional stability.
LH0075 is chiefly recommended for extrusion of blown film. It is suitable for shrink film
having a high resistance to hole formation and high degree of shrinkage on cooling. LH0075
contains antioxidant.
LH0075 is well suited for wide range of applications due to its unique balance of
properties. The superior mechanical properties will improve the functionability of the film.
Some examples are; carrier bags, shrink film, industrial film, dust bin liners, large bottles,
blow moulding of small containers, packaging of pharmaceutical products, packaging of
foodstuffs and bottles for storage of chemical products.
Property Unit Value Test Method
MFI (190o
C/2. 16 kg) gr/10min. 0.75 ASTM D 1238
Density gr/ml 0.920 * TSTM 209 B
Vicat softening point o
C 95 ASTM D 1525
Elongation @ break (MD) % 300 min. ASTM D 882
Elongation @ break (TD) % 450 min. ASTM D 882
Tensile @ break (MD) kg/cm2 170 min. ASTM D 882
C 33 ASTM D 648
Dart impact gr 120 min. ASTM D 1709