BL3 is a blow molding grade resin with high density polyethylene with 1-Butene as co monomer which is manufactured by the suspension polymerization of ethylene monomer. Stiffness, good ESCR are it’s special properties. High rigidity and good flowability which made it proper for usage in bottles and small blow molding goods.
  • Small blow moulding
    Containers (up to 5 lit )
  • Packing of pharmaceuticals & surfactants
Resin PropertiesUnitTypical ValueTest Method
Melt Index(21.6)g/10 min23ISO 1133
Melt Index(5)g/10 min1.2ISO 1133
FRR (21.6/5)19
Densityg/cm³0.954ISO 1183
Molded PropertiesUnitTypical ValueTest Method
Notched Impact @ 23 °CmJ/mm²9ISO 179/ 1 eA

Handeling and Health Safety

sMolten polymers could be injured skin or eye so safety glasses and appropriate gloves are suggested to prevent possible thermal injuries. Also appropriate ventilation is suggested in working by melt polymer. Accumulation of fines or dust particles that are in this grade is not suitable because of explosion hazard probability. So adequated filters and grounding exists at all time are recommended.


Polyethylene products (in palatized or powder form) should not be stored in direct sunshine and/or heat radiation. Ultraviolet cause a change in the material properties. The Storage area should be dry and preferably don’t exceed 50 °C. Under cool, dry, dark conditions Jam Polymers polyolefin resins are expected to maintain the original material and processing properties for at least 18 month.